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Hi there! It’s Jason here, CEO & Chief Marketing Officer at Journeyful.

Thanks for checking out this page!

Just a bit about me. Super passionate person with 7+ years experience in email marketing, perfect English, and a slightly “obsessed” with getting you the best results possible.

I started Journeyful to solve a big problem in the eCommerce space. Finding a reliable email partner who understands your brand & audience. Who can deliver well written, pixel perfect emails ahead of schedule and at the same level of quality every time.

I’ve worked with dozens of eCommerce brands to help them set up and optimize in their email + SMS – achieving extremely high performance (averaging 30-40% monthly revenue)

Client Video Testimonials

Meet Robert Sikes, founder of Keto Brick. A health & fitness brand who went from 10 to 30% ($18k+) additional revenue from email in 60 days.

Meet Shirin from Kimi Naturals, a women's beauty & health eCommerce brand who doubled from 20% email revenue to 40% in 120 days.

Meet Max Perez - founder of xSuit, who went from $19k to $170k/month email marketing revenue (43%+) in under 12 months.

Meet Kerod Gray - a PGA golf professional who launched his Golf brand and brought over $10,000 in new sales via email marketing in 1 week

Email Case Study #1

How We Took A Men's Fashion eCommerce Store From $19,000 To $170,000+ Monthly Email Revenue

Email Case Study #2

How We Doubled A Women’s Beauty & Health Store From 20% To 40% /Monthly Email Revenue

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