Rethink. Customer Journeys

Journeyful is a growth email marketing agency.

We work with mid-high level e-commerce brands doing over 20k per month in revenue and are looking for ways to grow their reach, dominate in their space and beat their competitors.

Our clients rely on us to drive their growth.

We like to let our client results speak for us:

The Perfect Formula For Growth

If your email marketing isn’t bringing in at least 30% of revenue, we need to talk.

With rising ad costs and more competition than ever, it’s become increasingly difficult to attract, convert & retain customers while not sacrificing your margins.

Using our 4-step email marketing funnel we’ve helped dozens of brands maximize revenue and customer LTV (without spending any money on ads)…

✅ Effective abandoned checkouts sequence recover 12-20% of lost sales

✅ Makes all of your paid marketing efforts far more effective (Higher ROAS, lower CPM’s)

✅ Stimulates repeat purchases, growing lifetime value of customers

✅ Drives heaps of targeted traffic to any new offer or promotion